Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 lr3 – IGF-1 LR3 The Immense Growth Factor In Muscle Building.

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Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 lr3 – IGF-1 LR3 The Immense Growth Factor In Muscle Building.


IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor) is an endocrine hormone that is produced in the liver. The production of IGF-1 is increased in the presence of growth hormone. IGF stands for insulin-like growth factor. Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is a polypeptide protein hormone similar in molecular structure to insulin . It plays an important role in childhood growth and continues to have effects in adults. It is a natural substance that is produced in the human body and is at its highest natural levels during puberty. During puberty IGF is the most responsible for the natural muscle growth that occurs during these few years. There are many different things that IGF does in the human body. Among the effects the most positive are increased amino acid transport to cells, increased glucose transport, increased protein synthesis, decreased protein degradation, and increased RNA synthesis.



IGF-1 Benefits:

Why is this IGF-1 important for a bodybuilder or athlete? Let’s take a look at the list:

  • Helps regulate fat for use as energy, resulting in fat loss.
  • Contributes to anti aging. As we get older, IGF-1 production slows down and this results in cell reduction. Low levels of IGF-1 are linked to heart failure, lower brain cell regulation and neuron function. Not to mention muscle tissue breakdown.
  • Helps to increase nutrient shuttling (protein synthesis).
  • Increases regenerative functions of nerve tissues.
  • Boosts the ability to cause hyperplasia in muscle cells resulting in fuller muscle tissue.

Immense Growth Factor Benefits For Elite Athletes Using IGF 1 lr3

LR-3 IGF-1 Application:

-average 14% of fat decrease
-average 8.8% increase the structures of the body and lean muscle
-Improved skin texture resulting in a more youthful appearance
-Remove the wrinkles from skin
-Increased bone density, stopped osteoporosis
-Faster healing of any type of injury, fracture, or wound
-Significantly increased immunity and resistance to infection
-Increased brain function, retention of intellect with aging
-Improvement of Alzheimer and Parkinson syndromes
-Improved sex drive
-The improvement in the fullest physical and mental well-being
-Improved training tolerance
-Improved mood, less depression and fatigue
-Improved heart and kidney function
-Large cardiac output
-Cellulite disappearing
-Cartilage regeneration
-Body building
-Anti – aging
-Fat Loss
-Get taller
-Any cases of diabetes



To put it simply, the gains from IGF-1 (all variants) are not due to water weight, so the gains you will achieve will be long term muscle growth. This is compared to steroids, which are renowned for putting on water weight and giving you nasty side effects. You are not going to gain 10lbs from using IGF-1, but you will see solid 1-2lbs gains every 1-2 weeks.

The most important factor to consider is IGF-1’s ability to achieve hyperplasia. When you use steroids, they will help the body through hypertrophy, which means you are increasing the size of the existing muscle cells. On the other hand, IGF-1 will cause hyperplasia, which means you are actually increasing the number of cells in the muscle tissue. These new cells can be utilized through further training, and use of steroids, to make bigger muscles. Essentially, you will have the ability to achieve more muscle density and size at the genetic level by using IGF-1.

IGF-1 Variants:

IGF-1 variants are split into two groups: IGF-1 LR3 and DES IGF-1 (usually presented as IGF-1 DES). Base IGF-1 has a very short half life (about 10-20 minutes); as a result, it is quickly destroyed by the body. This is why IGF-1 was modified to make the amino acid analog IGF-1 LR3 (Long). The other variant of IGF-1 called DES IGF-1 is a truncated version that is 10X more potent than IGF-1. Both variants are similar to its root but have different actions, allowing them to function in a specific ways.


Long arginine 3-IGF-1, abbreviated as IGF-1 LR3 or LR3-IGF-1, is a synthetic protein and lengthened analogue ofhuman insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 LR3has a half-life of about 20-30 hours and is much more potent than base IGF-1. Since its half-life is about a day, the IGF-1 LR3 will circulate the body, for around 24 hours, binding to receptors and activating cell communication that improves muscle growth and fat loss.

LR3 prevents glucose from entering into cells, which, in turn, forces the body to burn fat and not sucrose. In addition, its long half-life is desirable for another reason; site injections aren’t necessary, as IGF-1 LR3 will cycle the body binding to all muscle cells for about a day.

Long R3 IGF-1 is signifacantly more potent than IGF-1. The enhanced potency is due to the decreased binding of Long R3 IGF-1 to all known IGF binding proteins. These binding proteins normally inhibit the biological actions of IGF’s.



DES IGF-1is the shorter version of the IGF-1 chain.Not worth The trouble to run compared with Lr3 IGF-1


IGF-1 Cycle, Dosing and Injections:

The most effective length for a cycle of IGF is 50 days on and 20-40 days off. The most controversy surrounding Long R3 IGF-1 is the effective dosage.

The most used dosages range between 20mcg/day to 120+mcg/day. IGF is only available by the milligram, one mg will give you a 50 day cycle at 20mcg/day, 2mg will give you a 50 day cycle at 40mcg/day, 3mg will give you a 50 day cycle at 60mcg/day, 4mg will give you a 50 day cycle at 80mcg/day and so on.


IGF-1 LR3 can be taken 7 days a week at a dose of 50-150mcg a day. Desensitization was shown to occur at around 40 days or roughly 4 weeks. Injection sites can be at any muscle group on the body, as it’s not very good at site specific growth.


DES IGF-1 can be dosed at 50-150mcg multiple times a day (prior to training) into specific target areas. since DES has such a short half life (20-30 minutes), desensitization was not noticed at all . Injection sites should be localized; preferably, at the muscle group you want to grow. In simple terms, if you want to grow your biceps, inject IGF-1 DES right into your bicep.


IGF-1 Side Effects:

It should be noted that high doses of IGF-1 have been known to cause hypoglycemia, but nowhere near the level of insulin. It is also noted, and highly debated, that IGF-1 was shown to increase tumor size in cancer patients. While this fact may be true in patients with existing cancer, IGF-1 is not the cause of cancer; in fact, our bodies need IGF-1 to regulate heart function, nervous system and brain cell stimulation. People with low IGF-1 levels were found to have low protein counts and low lean body mass, which, in turn, can be equally unhealthy. If you have a headache, you don’t take a whole bottle of Aspirin. Likewise, to guard yourself from making ignorant mistakes, IGF-1 should be administered properly , and never abused.

IGF-1 LR3 Pictures


Long Arg3 Insulin-like Growth Factor-I (Long-R3-IGF-I) is an 83 amino acid analog of IGF-I comprising the complete IGF-I sequence with the substitution of an Arg for the Glu at position 3 (hence R3), and a 13 amino acid extension peptide at the N-terminus. Long-R3-IGF-I is significantly more potent than IGF-I in vitro. The enhanced potency is due to the markedly decreased binding of Long-R3-IGF-I to IGF binding proteins which normally inhibit the biological actions of IGFs.

Sterile Preperations:
1. Swab the top of your sterile vial with alcohol prep pad (70% isopropyl alcohol)
2. Mix 7.5mL distilled water with 1.0mL vinegar
3. Add Whatman syringe filter
4. Add sterile ~20ga. needle to end of Whatman filter
5. Inject the 8.5mL of solution into the sterile vial
6. You now have sterile 0.6% acetic acid

IGF-1 LR3 – Reconstituted Versus Lyophilization:

Fifteen Years ago, when athletes and bodybuilders became aware of this new form of IGF 1 pateneted by Gropep their was not a lot of information on it by way of studies or personal experience shared on the online discussion forums like . As of today October 28th 2018 you will still find many antiquated articles on how to use this particular growth factor as well as well as what to look for to make sure your igf-1 lr3 is going to be delivered to you with 100% viability. So when reading online articles on anything really but specifically IGF 1 lr3 try to look for the date the article was submitted! Thats not to say the information is always no good , but in this particular field of peptides and bio engineering and bio-hacking age, a lot changes fast!

Take for instance, the fact that it use to be that this Lr3 IGF 1 was only supplied in Lyophilized form, and it was patented, so not a lot of reproducing it and altering to the molecule was done back then, fast forward to taoday and we now have different varients of this growth factor, and it now is supplied in both lyophilzed form and already reconstituted form straight from the manufacturer !

Up until just a few years ago, you would have to purchase 50mg or 100mg of lyophilzed IGF 1 lr3 which came in just one big 100ml or 50 ml size vial. It didnt look like much when you received it either, and had you have not known youpurchased it from a legit company like Gropep , you would have thought you were being had. Slowly you were able to find IGF 1 lr3 through other bio-pharmaceutical vendors, such as Cell Sciences, Sigma aldrich and the list grew and grew over the years into what we have now today, a vendor and manufacturer in every corner of the globe, making it easier to ascertain than it was previously when you needed to biy it straight from Australia (gropep) and worry about it making it to you unscathed!


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    “As with anything, it really comes down to human capital andthere simply isn’t enough of it,” says Chris Finan, White Housedirector for cyber security from 2011-12, who is now a seniorfellow at the Truman National Security Project and working for astart-up in Silicon Valley.

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    The firm, based in Soho, is a highly regarded legal practice that represents clients in the entertainment industry, including Rowling. On Thursday, it issued a statement that finally solved the mystery: “We, Russells Solicitors, apologise unreservedly for the disclosure caused by one of our partners, Chris Gossage, in revealing to his wife’s best friend, Judith Callegari, during a private conversation that the true identity of Robert Galbraith was in fact JK Rowling. Whilst accepting his own culpability, the disclosure was made in confidence to someone he trusted implicitly. On becoming aware of the circumstances, we immediately notified JK Rowling’s agent. We can confirm that this leak was not part of any marketing plan and that neither JK Rowling, her agent nor publishers were in any way involved.”

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    Media have also forecast that the main opposition Democratic Party of Japan, which surged to power in 2009 to end more than half a century of almost non-stop LDP rule only to be ousted last year, could suffer its biggest drubbing since its founding in 1998.

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    “To say that you agree with this ordinance,” Castro told the San Antonio Express-News, “is to say that you do not believe that someone who is gay or lesbian ought to be discriminated against in the same way that an African American or a Hispanic or a woman shouldn’t be discriminated against.”

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    Things were less than harmonious for Kevin, 25, Joe, 24, and Nick, 21, over the weekend when an unpleasant exchange occurred over the musical direction of the band. The debate eventually led to the brothers’ decision to cancel their 19-city tour, which was scheduled to begin Friday in Upper Darby, Pa.

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    Most guide dog owners will have lost their sight later in life. They've had to relearn everything, including how to get about independently. Every route is memorised, turn by turn, road crossing by road crossing, until they build up the confidence to travel by themselves.

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    Some of the advice given by AXA representatives based in the branches of Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank and the West Bromwich Building Society from September 15 2010 to April 30 2012 had “serious defects”, the FCA said in a statement.

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    “I am very happy that gay marriage is opening up around the country and is being accepted,” Symone said. “I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however, am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to.”

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    The administration had predicted hitches that could last during the first few weeks of enrollment, which runs through the end of March. Even before Tuesday’s launch, officials last week announced delays for federal exchanges geared toward Spanish speakers and small businesses.

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    It's a 5,525-mile (8,891km) border, with 8,000 obelisk monuments dotted along it. These are cast-iron and stand five feet high, on a three-foot concrete base. Cleaning and maintenance is usually in the hands of eight field officers but seven of them have been told to stay at home.

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    And in another effort to avoid detection, the release says, the companies used “advanced IP spoofing techniques” to hide their true identities. It says that Yelp’s efforts to combat such strategies are the most aggressive.

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    Commissioner Bud Selig’s office could invoke what is known as the 'just cause' clause of Article XII of the collective bargaining agreement if it's determined that Alex Rodriguez and his reps purposely interfered with the Biogenesis investigation.

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    The postmenopausal women in the study were participants in the Women’s Health Initiative, a 15-year research program established in 1991 by the National Institutes of Health and other agencies to address the most common causes of death, disability and poor quality of life in postmenopausal women.

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    In an emailed statement, the company said it uses “an added boost of vitamins” in some of the drinks. But a lawsuit filed against the company noted that the vitamins are actually synthetic ingredients, including a fiber made by Archer Daniels Midland.

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    There were clear signs from inspectors in Syria “that the government is delivering on its responsibilities and the opposition needs to hear a clear signal that they must play their part, too,’’ the diplomat said. “However divided the opposition might be, it would look very bad if the government was seen to be cooperating fully, while inspections were held up because of problems with the opposition.”

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    The United States has never come close to reaching that goal, or virtually any other goal the nation has set for our children in the decades since. Looking at international assessments of American students, our students rank 32nd in the world in math, trailing Estonia and Iceland. They rank closer to Croatia than to Canada.

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    Paul was unaware he was the highest bidder of the car until an email from eBay arrived congratulating him on the purchase of their product listed as “Frankensprite” for $225. Lucky for Paul, Sorella did not choose to order another working-condition pricey Austin Healey from the list, which could have cost them  a couple of grands.

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    The only problem is that the MTA has been putting in two-year 8.4% increases — more than four times the current the rate of inflation. Chairman Tom Prendergast has signaled that he’s headed down the 8.4% track again in 2015.

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